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JVC KW-NT300 DVD/CD/USB 6.1" Navigation Car Receiver

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other Customer Rating: JVC KW-NT300 DVD/CD/USB 6.1
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I've had this unit about 3 months and I like it OK...but...there are a couple things that irritate me;
1) The install was not too bad, but the vendor did not have the correct wiring harness specified. They blame JVC, and JVC blames the car manufacturer...yada, yada. If I can figure it out, seems like the Pros ought to be able to get it right.
2) The Axxess ASWC steering control does function to some degree, but not the push-to-talk feature. Don't know if that is on JVC or AXXCESS, but I'm still looking for a solution with no help from them. To answer a call, I just touch the screen icon. I can live with that.
3) The Nav unit does not provide a list of turns when you set up a destination. It will show a map, and that is OK, but a list would be better. Also does not show exit numbers on the in-route map as you are going along, but the voice guidance will announce the exit number as you approach. Again, OK, but could be better.
4) The Sirus XM function on this unit gets hung up sometimes. When you access the next page of pre-sets, sometimes it will keep the previous page displayed while switching the audio to the station that was pre-set for that page. If you switch the view to the station detail view, it displays detail fine, then you switch back to the list of pre-sets it is still stuck. This is an "on-again-off-again" problem. I can re-start it and it will get it's act together. Just something that I think could be better.
The things I do like:
1) Love the sound quality. Way better than I expected on my stock Nissan speakers.
2) The Nav unit is fast and accurate. I like the fast boot-up too...maybe 10 seconds or so.
3) I placed the nav gps antenna on my dash and it works very well. I even get a signal while still parked in my garage.
4) The Nav will nag me if I get over the posted speed limit by 10 to 20 mph, even if I'm not using it. That is adjustable, but can't be cancelled entirely, which is probably a good thing.
5) The Bluetooth feature is clear and simple to set-up. My callers say it is better than what I had in the original stock unit.
6) The iPod works fine for music. Video playback via iPod..., well, I probably need to work on that some more. I can't get that to work from my iPhone or my iPod so far. And, yes, I do have the proper usb adapter cable.....Whoops! No I didn't. Ordered it with the unit and the vendor's listing was incorrect. I have since ordered and installed the KS U49 cable and it works fine.
7) The display is impressively clear and bright. Even in full daylight it is really good. At night, even after it dims, it would be better if JVC would let us adjust it (map only) lower a bit, just while displaying the map. Other screen functions are fine at night. The

Overall, I do like the unit and I will learn to live with the shortcomings or find a way to correct them, eventually. Not a five star by any stretch, so I'll give it a 3 for now. The vendor gets an F. They had 3 incorrect listings: 1) wiring harness, 2)antenna adapter, and the 3) iPod usb cable.
I'll give myself a C on the install. Once I discovered the wiring harness error, I should have stopped and thoroughly checked all the items spec'ed.


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